I Make documentary films.

It's a passion I stumbled upon at the age of 13 that has flourished from hobby to career in the last decade and a half.

For my first several years out of college I put my liberal arts film production B.A. to use working my way up through the ranks of the National Geographic Television HQ in Washington, DC, from intern to production coordinator, to associate producer, to junior editor for the Emmy favored Explorer: Warlords of Ivory show, and also post produced (wrote and edited) multiple web films including Cine Golden Eagle winning ocean films for the Nat Geo Education website.

Though my roots are southern and midwest, most of my career has been in DC, LA, and currently NYC where i work as a freelance editor, always on the hunt for fascinating science, nature, adventure sports, or human interest related documentary gigs with an end goal of prediting my own films some day.


I'm a big dreamer.  From the WNBA, to the Olympics, to tornado chasing, or being a Navy SEAL, I've conjured up some pretty wild dreams in my day and worked relentlessly toward some of them. I may have never made it past college basketball, but I firmly believe I wouldn't be living the dream career that I'm living today if it weren't for the ballsy tenacity I've had from a young age.

In my spare time, I'm always planning my next adventure, which usually involves climbing mountains in foreign countries, stand up paddle boarding or white water kayaking, lots of camping and hiking, and hopefully hanging out with some friendly wildlife.  Always with a camera of course, shooting and producing for personal clients on the side.

I feel so strongly that being deep and simple is far more essential than being shallow and complex
— Mr. Rogers