I craft stories... 

Katy is a Brooklyn based documentary editor that has spent over a decade pursuing and developing her craft and passion for documentary story telling.

The National Geographic HQ in DC is where her journey began, from unpaid intern, to production coordinator, to associate producer, to additional editor for the Emmy nominated "Explorer: Warlords of Ivory" pilot, acclaimed for its dedicated journalistic measures to highlight the illicit ivory trade. 

Her international work includes having solo filmed, produced, and edited the film "Akagera: A Promise to Rwanda," a story of conservation and restoration at Akagera National Park in Rwanda.


She's edited films for the Google Made With Code initiative to help inspire young girls toward coding careers, worked with kayaker Rafa Ortiz and climber Sasha DiGiulian on Red Bull films, interviewed Buzz Aldrin at NASA for a National Geographic special on inner vs. outer space, edits for the TCS NYC Marathon highlight film each year, as well as wrote and edited Cine Golden Eagle winning ocean education films for the National Geographic Education website, 

Katy is an avid trad climber, back country backpacker, and novice whitewater kayaker. She's hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc through the Alps, ran the NYC marathon, and volunteers for a program that takes high risk urban youth on outdoor adventures. She's captivated by the power of story and would love to help you tell yours.